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Warfare Revolution

Some of the world’s leading robotics and artificial intelligence pioneers are calling on the United Nations to ban the development and us...

mercoledì 17 settembre 2014

Interactive Bionic Man

The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering has launched the “NIBIB Bionic Man,” an interactive Web tool that showcases cutting-edge research in biotechnology.

The bionic man features 14 technologies currently being developed by NIBIB-supported researchers.
Examples include a powered prosthetic leg that helps users achieve a more natural gait, 
a wireless brain-computer interface that lets people who are paralyzed control computer devices or robotic limbs using only their thoughts,
and a micro-patch that delivers vaccines painlessly and doesn’t need refrigeration.

Interactive Bionic Man, featuring 14 novel biotechnologies September 17, 2014

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