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lunedì 9 febbraio 2015


CRYSTAL GAZING: This photo by Lia van den Kerkhof of Victoria University, of a few micrometers of a growing cholesteryl benzoate crystal, was taken with a polarised optical microscope.

A series of compelling photos of the nano-sized world hopes to raise the public's fascination.
The Small Matters event at Nelson's Provincial Museum offers 50 works on the scale of a billionth of a meter in size, organiser Simon Brown said.
"Giving people an insight into what really is a different world - the world of nanotechnology - that people normally don't get to see seemed like a good way of connecting with people," the MacDiarmid Institute scientist said.
"It's actually fascinating how different people see different things in the images. Some people are interested in just the pure science but some people find particular images particularly beautiful or intriguing."
Nanotechnology was important to get a feel for, both as a growing industry, and for its place already in our everyday lives, Brown said.
"There are many, many household products that have nanoparticles or nanomaterials in them. At one end of the spectrum we rely on nanotechnology to make our computers as powerful as they are today, on the other end of the spectrum everything from jeans to sunscreens have nanoparticles embedded in them."
A more nanotech-literate public would help when issues - such as the role of nanoparticles in sunscreen worn by roofers was found to be behind rust problems on roof materials - arose, he said.
"Very few people are aware of it, of the exciting applications but also the potentially concerning consequences of using some of these technologies."
The public exhibition will run from February 10 to March 8, with proceeds going to a predator-proof fence for a local wildlife sanctuary. Similar displays have been held in cities around the country.
The event also aligned with a MacDiarmid Institute conference this month attracting some of the world's leading nanotechnologists.

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