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AI Revolution: Robot Operation System

Sophia, the first humanoid robot to receive citizenship of a country.   She was featured on the cover of Ella Brazil magazine and has a...

sabato 11 luglio 2015

Designer Bacteria

This illustration shows Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron (white) living on cells in the gut (large pink spheres) and being activated by chemical signals (small green dots) to express specific genes. The glowing bacteria are encoding light-generating proteins (Janet Iwasa)

UNO DEI BATTERI più comuni nell'intestino umano è stato riprogrammato geneticamente e dotato di sensori, circuiti e memorie artificiali che potranno essere usati per diagnosticare e curare 'in loco' patologie come il tumore del colon o le malattie infiammatorie intestinali. 


A team of neuroscientists at Duke University published two separate studies today, one involving rats and the other involving rhesus macaque monkeys, that describe experiments on networks of brains, or Brainets, and illustrate how such networks could be used to combine electrical outputs from the neurons of multiple animals to perform tasks.

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